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52 Lakes and Dams names begin with 'B' in the Northern Territory


Badjamini Waterhole, NT
Baladana Waterhole, NT
Baldy Waterhole, NT
Bamadjina Claypan, NT
Ban Ban Lagoon, NT
Battery Waterhole, NT
Battery Waterhole, NT
Bayward Lagoon, NT

Bean Tree Waterhole, NT
Beantree Dam, NT
Beatrice Lagoon, NT
Becks Waterhole, NT
Bell Waterhole, NT
Belyabba Waterhole, NT
Ben Hole, NT
Benhams Lagoon, NT

Big Bend Waterhole, NT
Big Stinking Lagoon, NT
Bird Lagoon, NT
Birdcage Waterhole, NT
Birrindudu Waterhole, NT
Bishop Dam, NT
Bismarch Waterhole, NT

Blackgin Waterhole, NT
Blackstump Dam, NT
Blangyalina Waterhole, NT
Bluey Waterhole, NT
Blyth River, NT

Bobbies Hill Dam, NT
Boggy Lagoon, NT
Boocarriwee Waterhole, NT
Boomerah Lagoon, NT
Boomerang Waterhole, NT
Boorodo Waterhole, NT
Border Waterhole, NT
Bottle Tree Waterhole, NT
Bottle Waterhole, NT
Boundary Dam, NT
Bowgan Waterhole, NT

Broadmere Waterhole, NT
Broken Dam, NT
Brumbreau Waterhole, NT
Brumby Springs, NT
Brumby Waterhole, NT

Buffalo Lagoon, NT
Buffalo Waterhole, NT
Bulbul Waterhole, NT
Bull Waterhole, NT
Bullocks Head Lake, NT
Bulman Waterhole, NT
Burrabelly Waterhole, NT
Burulina Waterhole, NT


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Picture relating to Glen Innes - titled 'Glen Innes Bank'Glen Innes Picture relating to Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse - titled 'Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse'Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse Picture relating to Rannes - titled 'Shire Council building, Rannes, ca. 1930'Rannes Picture relating to Arthurs Creek - titled 'Arthurs Creek'Arthurs Creek Picture relating to Glen Aplin - titled 'Group of gentlemen pictured outside the Perkins residence, Glen Aplin, 1908'Glen Aplin Picture relating to Mole River - titled 'Mole River near Gibraltar Station'Mole River

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