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75 Lakes and Dams names begin with 'C' in New South Wales


Cakora Lagoon, NSW
Calbocaro Billabong, NSW
Camel Lake, NSW
Campbells Swamp, NSW
Canegrass Swamp, NSW
Carcoar Lake, NSW
Carrolls Lake, NSW
Carse Lake, NSW
Carwall Waterhole, NSW
Cascade No 1 Dam, NSW
Cascade No 2 Dam, NSW
Cascade No 3 Dam, NSW
Catch A Monkey Lake, NSW

Chaffey Dam, NSW
Chalmers Lagoon, NSW
Chibnalwood Lakes, NSW
Chichester Reservoir, NSW
Chifley Dam, NSW
Chinamans Lake, NSW
Chinamans Tank, NSW

Clarrie Hall Dam, NSW
Claytons Tank, NSW
Clear Lake, NSW

Cobaki Broadwater, NSW
Cobbadah Creek, NSW
Cobban Lagoon, NSW
Cobham Lake, NSW
Cochrane Lake, NSW
Cockatoo Waterhole, NSW
Coghill Creek, NSW
Coila Lake, NSW
Colliery Dam, NSW
Collins Lake, NSW
Collymongle Lagoon, NSW
Collytootela Lagoon, NSW
Colongra Lake, NSW
Condoulpe Lake, NSW
Conjola Lake, NSW
Connellys Dam, NSW
Conoble Lake, NSW
Coobo Lake, NSW
Coocoran Lake, NSW
Cooey Point Lagoon, NSW
Coogee Lake, NSW
Cooks Lagoon, NSW
Coolamatong Lake, NSW
Coombah Lake, NSW
Coona Coona Lake, NSW
Coonong Lake, NSW
Cooper Creek, NSW
Coopers Lake, NSW
Cootralantra Lake, NSW
Copi Hollow, NSW
Copromanna Waterholes, NSW
Corega Lake, NSW
Corinya Lake, NSW
Corunna Lake, NSW
Cowarra Dam, NSW
Cowbail Waterhole, NSW
Cowmerton Waterholes, NSW

Cranes Cowal, NSW
Cricket Pitch Lake, NSW
Crooked Creek, NSW
Crystal Lake, NSW

Cuba Dam, NSW
Cuban Hole, NSW
Cuddil Creek, NSW
Cudgen Lake, NSW
Cumbagundah Lagoon, NSW
Cummeroo Waterhole, NSW
Curalo Lagoon, NSW
Curlew Water, NSW
Curranyabba Waterhole, NSW
Cuthero Lake, NSW
Cuttagee Lake, NSW


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