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45 Lakes and Dams names begin with 'Di'


Diamantina Dam, NSW
Diamond Bog Lake, SA
Diamond Creek, QLD
Diamond Lagoon, QLD
Diamond Lake, SA
Diamond Lake, SA
Dianas Basin, TAS

Dick Lake, NSW
Dick Murrays Waterhole, QLD
Dickeree Waterhole, SA
Dickerrie Waterhole, QLD
Dickery Waterhole, QLD
Dicks Lagoon, QLD
Dicks Lake, NSW
Dicola Waterhole, QLD

Didhelginna Waterhole, QLD
Didichie Waterhole, QLD

Diemunga Lagoon, NSW

Diglum Creek, QLD

Dijwalnguna Waterhole, NT

Dillalah Waterhole, QLD
Dillions Swamp, NSW

Dinah Waterhole, QLD
Dingle Claypan, WA
Dingo Claypan, SA
Dingo Hole, QLD
Dingo Hole Dam, WA
Dingo Lake, QLD
Dingo Puppy Waterhole, QLD
Dingo Swamp, VIC
Dingo Waterhole, NT
Dingo Waterhole, WA
Dingo Waterhole, NT
Dingo Waterhole, NT
Dingo Waterhole, QLD
Dinner Camp Hole, QLD
Dinner Camp Lagoon, QLD
Dinner Camp Waterhole, QLD
Dinner Springs, SA

Dip Lagoon, QLD
Dip Pool, WA
Dip Waterhole, QLD
Dipperi Waterhole, QLD

Dirri Dirri Waterhole, QLD

Discovery Lagoon, SA


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