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67 Lakes and Dams names begin with 'J'


Jabaddar Pool, WA
Jack Creek, QLD
Jack Lake, SA
Jack Lakes, QLD
Jack Lakes, QLD
Jack Smith Lake, VIC
Jacka Lake, VIC
Jacks Waterhole, QLD
Jackys Lagoon, QLD
Jamberline Waterhole, NT
Jamieson Billabong, NSW
Jampot Dam, QLD
Jandabup Lake, WA
Jar Lagoon, QLD
Jardine Lagoon, QLD
Jarrananga Pool, WA
Jaugle Lake, WA
Jawilga Pool, WA

J C Walker Reservoir, NSW

J D Swamp, SA

Jeeaila Pool, WA
Jelak Jelang Waterhole, NT
Jelliabidina Pool, WA
Jerdacuttup Lakes, WA
Jervois Dam, NT
Jewill Lagoon, WA

Jiberu Waterhole, NT
Jilakin Lake, WA
Jilly Jenker Lagoon, QLD
Jillyardie Waterhole, WA
Jim Jim Billabong, NT
Jim Lewis Waterhole, NT
Jimmoo Waterhole, QLD
Jimperding Pool, WA
Jims Lake, NSW
Jinerabar Pool, WA
Jinki Lake, NSW

Jocks Waterhole, NT
Joe Hole, NT
Johnnycake Lagoon, QLD
Johnnys Waterhole, QLD
Johnsons Waterhole, NT
Johnston Billabong, NT
Jones Bay, VIC
Jones Lagoon, NSW
Jones Lake, NSW
Jordan Pool, WA
Joseph Ware Lake, QLD
Jounama Pondage, NSW

Juandah Creek, QLD
Jubilee Lake, VIC
Jubilee Lake, WA
Jubricoo Claypan, WA
Judy Lagoon, QLD
Jugiong Reservoir, NSW
Julia Basin Rockhole, NT
Julian Lakes, TAS
Junction Waterhole, NT
Junction Waterhole, WA
Junction Waterhole, NT
Junction Waterhole, NT
Junction Waterhole, QLD
Junction Waterhole, NT
Junction Waterhole, NT
Junedella Waterhole, WA
Jungar Pool, WA
Jurie Waterhole, SA


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