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60 Lakes and Dams names begin with 'L' in the Northern Territory


Lake Alec, NT
Lake Allen, NT
Lake Amadeus, NT
Lake Argyle, WA and NT
Lake Bennett, NT
Lake Bennett, NT
Lake Buck, NT
Lake Caroline, NT
Lake De Burgh, NT
Lake Deane, NT
Lake Duggan, NT
Lake Eames, NT
Lake Evella, NT
Lake Finniss, NT
Lake Lewis, NT
Lake Macdonald, WA and NT
Lake Mackay, WA and NT
Lake Malkyullumbo, NT
Lake Neale, NT
Lake Peterjohn, NT
Lake Poeppel, NT and SA
Lake Rapide, NT
Lake Ruth, NT
Lake Sarah, NT
Lake Surprise, NT
Lake Sylvester, NT
Lake Talbot, NT
Lake Thomas, NT and SA
Lake White, WA and NT
Lake Woods, NT
Lander River, NT
Lander River, NT
Lander River, NT
Lander River, NT
Landerandera Waterhole, NT
Laughton Lagoon Dam, NT

Leaning Tree Lagoon, NT
Leewardja Waterhole, NT

Lignum Dam, NT and QLD
Lignum Waterhole, NT
Lignum Waterhole, NT
Lignum Waterhole, NT
Lilly Waterhole, NT
Lily Lagoon, NT
Limpe Waterhole, NT
Little Red Lily Lagoon, NT

Lomarieum Lagoon, NT
Long Billabong, NT
Long Waterhole, NT
Long Waterhole, NT
Long Waterhole, NT
Long Waterhole, NT
Long Waterhole, NT
Longreach Waterhole, NT
Lorne Waterhole, NT
Lower Amazon Lagoon (Grassy Waterhole), NT

Lubillabulderra Waterhole (Marktree Waterhole), NT
Lucy Lake, NT
Lunarracomp Waterhole, NT

Lyons Lagoon, NT


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