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65 Lakes and Dams names begin with 'Mi'


Miaree Pool, WA

Mibbley Pool, WA

Mickah Waterhole, QLD
Mickey Swamp, SA
Mickory Waterhole, QLD
Mickwilly Lake, NSW

Middle Booka Waterhole, QLD
Middle Lagoon, NSW
Middle Lake, SA
Middle Lake, SA
Middle Lake, VIC
Middle River Dam, SA
Middle Waterhole, QLD
Midgengadge Pool, WA
Midgingar Waterhole, QLD

Mierantana Waterhole, SA

Miga Lake, VIC
Mignonette Waterhole, QLD

Mikamikarina Waterhole, QLD
Mike Lake, SA

Mile Lagoon, NSW
Miles Lake, QLD
Miles Lake, NSW
Milkami Lagoon, QLD
Milkamungra Waterhole, QLD
Milkinbrinna Waterhole, QLD
Milkingerry Waterhole, NSW
Milkoopa Waterhole, QLD
Milkra Lagoon, QLD
Millar Lake, WA
Millbrook Reservoir, SA
Mille Mille Lake, WA
Miller Waterhole, QLD
Millers Clump, NSW
Milli Milli Pool, WA
Millstream Dam, WA
Millyeewilpa Lake, SA
Milner Lagoon, NT
Milungra Waterhole, QLD
Milyunup Lake, WA

Mimosa Creek, QLD

Minagoona Lake, SA
Minamere Waterhole, QLD
Mindarah Claypan, WA
Mindyalla Waterhole, QLD
Mingdie Pool, WA
Minger Minger Pool, WA
Minimere Lagoon, NT
Minkanoranie Soak Well, SA
Minkie Waterhole, SA
Minngarda Waterhole, NT
Minnie Lagoon, QLD
Minnie Minnie Pool, WA
Minnie Water, NSW

Mirage Lagoon (Lake Bessie), SA
Mirapool, QLD
Mirkadarrie Waterhole, SA
Mirra Mirra Waterhole, QLD
Mirrah Waterhole, QLD
Mirranponga Pongunna Lake, NT

Mission Lake, WA

Mitkacaldratillie Lakes, SA
Mitre Lake, VIC
Mitta Mitta Waterhole, QLD

Miwal Billabong, NT


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