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52 Lakes and Dams names begin with 'Na'


Naccowlah Waterhole, QLD

Nadgee Lake, NSW
Nadjabarra Lagoon, NT

Naenayee Lagoon, NT
Naenup Swamp, WA

Nagade Spring, WA

Nallan Lake, WA
Nalyerin Lake, WA

Namaluri Waterhole, NT
Nambling Lakes, WA
Nameless Dam, WA
Namendarra Lake, WA
Namming Lake, WA
Namoi River, NSW

Nanamullen Lake, WA
Nancar Billabong, NT
Nandibargoola Waterhole, QLD
Nangcarrong Springs, WA
Nangkuya Lagoon, NT
Nangudga Lake, NSW
Nankin Creek, QLD
Nanyandra Waterhole, QLD

Napeowie Waterhole, SA
Nappa Merrie Waterhole, QLD
Nappacoongee Waterhole, SA
Nappamurra Waterhole, QLD
Nappaoonie Waterhole, SA
Nappapethera Waterhole, QLD
Nappawarra Waterhole, SA

Narady Waterhole, QLD
Narberry Waterhole, QLD
Nardeegeecarbilin Pool, WA
Nardellos Lagoon, QLD
Nardiebuckina Waterhole, SA
Narie Waterhole, SA
Narneeyarra Claypan, WA
Narowie Lake, NSW
Narrabeen Lakes, NSW
Narrabri Lake, NSW
Narrabri Swamp, NSW
Narrabutiannie Waterhole, SA
Narradunna Waterhole, QLD
Narrah Waterhole, QLD
Narranappa Lake, QLD
Narrawalpinna Waterhole, SA
Nartooka Lake, NSW
Naryilco Lake, QLD

Native Wells Swamp, QLD
Natorlie Waterhole, NSW
Natural Dam, NT

Nawarlbur Swamp, NT
Nawarlbur Waterhole, NT


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