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66 Lakes and Dams names begin with 'W' in Western Australia


Wa Water Ski Park, WA
Wagin Lake, WA
Waigen Lakes, WA
Waikelongup Flat, WA
Walala Claypans, WA
Walbyring Lake, WA
Wallana Claypan, WA
Walluburnup Swamp, WA
Waloo Waloo Pool, WA
Walyormouring Lake, WA
Wande Wande Claypan, WA
Waneragup Lake, WA
Wangine Lake, WA
Wanna Lakes, WA
Wanneary Lake, WA
Wantitjarra Claypan, WA
Warambie Pool, WA
Waranoolar Pool, WA
Wardering Lake, WA
Wardoomoondener Pool, WA
Wareenip Lakes, WA
Warramboo Lake, WA
Warribarloo Pools, WA
Watery River, WA
Waudelillup Swamp, WA

Websters Claypans, WA
Weedeemilegener Pool, WA
Weedong Lagoon, WA
Weelhamby Lake, WA
Weendong Pool, WA
Weenyung Claypan, WA
Welburn Pool, WA
Wellington Dam, WA
Wellstead Estuary, WA

White Flag Lake, WA
White Lake, WA
White Lake, WA
White Lake, WA
White Lake, WA
White Lake, WA
White Spring Pool, WA
White Water Lake, WA

Wicherina Dam, WA
Wilgiamia Pool, WA
Willare Pool, WA
Wilson Inlet, WA
Windarrie Pool, WA
Wirra Wirra Lake, WA

Wolarry Claypan, WA
Wollamor Claypan, WA
Wollangooyoo Pool, WA
Wonda Wokarena Pool, WA
Wongarrie Pool, WA
Wongawobbin Pool, WA
Wongoon Pool, WA
Woodhouse Lagoon, WA
Woolabudda Pool, WA
Woolan Goona Spring, WA
Wooleen Lake, WA
Woolgorong Marsh, WA
Woolwash Waterhole, WA
Woonana Pool, WA
Woongarra Pool, WA
Woorabardaree Pool, WA
Wowaljarrow Pool, WA

Wungong Reservoir, WA


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