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66 Lakes and Dams names begin with 'Wo'


Woelk (Red Lily Lagoon), NT

Wokabity Lake, NSW
Wokabity Swamp, NSW

Wolarry Claypan, WA
Wolcongie Waterhole, NT
Wollamor Claypan, WA
Wollangooyoo Pool, WA
Wollogorang Lagoon, NSW

Womakie Waterhole, QLD
Wombies Dam, QLD
Wombies Lagoon, QLD
Wombimahlah Lagoon, QLD
Wombin Waterhole, QLD
Wombool Waterhole, QLD
Wombundarry Waterhole, QLD
Wombyanna Lagoon, NSW
Wommin Lake, NSW
Wompananie Waterhole, SA
Wompi Waterhole, QLD

Wonboyn Lake, NSW
Wonda Wokarena Pool, WA
Wondoola Creek, QLD
Wonga Lake, VIC
Wongalara Lake, NSW
Wongalara Waterhole, NT
Wongarrie Pool, WA
Wongawobbin Pool, WA
Wongitta Waterhole, QLD
Wongoon Pool, WA
Wongulla Lagoon, SA
Wonmurri Lagoon, NT
Wonmurri Waterhole, NT
Wonnobroba Waterholes, SA
Wonomo Waterhole, QLD

Woocoonba Lagoons, QLD
Woodenjerrie Waterhole, NT
Woodfords Lagoon, NT
Woodhouse Lagoon, WA
Woods Lake, QLD
Woods Lake, TAS
Woodstock Lake, NSW
Woolabudda Pool, WA
Woolan Goona Spring, WA
Woolcamp Lagoon, QLD
Woolcunda Lake, NSW
Wooleen Lake, WA
Woolgoolga Lake, NSW
Woolgorong Marsh, WA
Woolkawoolkina Lake, SA
Woolleys Lagoon, QLD
Wooloweyah Lagoon, NSW
Woolscour Waterhole, QLD
Woolscour Waterhole, QLD
Woolshed Swamp, VIC
Woolwash Waterhole, WA
Woonabootra Waterhole, QLD
Woonalyaria Waterhole, NT
Woonana Pool, WA
Woongarra Pool, WA
Woorabardaree Pool, WA
Woorana Waterhole, SA
Wooroogoorah Waterhole, QLD
Wooroonook Lakes, VIC
Wooyeo Lake, NSW

Wowaljarrow Pool, WA
Wowong Lagoon, NSW


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