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59 Lakes and Dams names begin with 'Ya'


Yabba Waterhole, QLD

Yacangully Pool, WA

Yadabal Lagoon, NSW

Yalchirrie Waterhole, SA
Yalgar Pool, WA
Yallamia Pool, WA
Yallamundi Lagoon, QLD
Yallamungie Pool, WA
Yallebulla Waterhole, QLD
Yallingarrintha Pool, WA
Yallurnie Lake, WA
Yaluma Dam, NT
Yalungah Lagoon, QLD

Yambacuna Lagoon, NSW
Yambie Lagoon, NSW
Yamboolah Waterhole, QLD

Yan Yean Reservoir, VIC
Yanburaburil Lagoon, NT
Yanco Dam, NSW
Yandal Lagoon, WA
Yandaroo Lake, NSW
Yanga Lake, NSW
Yangebup Lake, WA
Yangkanji Billabong (Lake Mary), NT
Yangoloe Waterhole, NSW
Yangy Lake, WA
Yaningerry Waterhole, QLD
Yankagee Claypan, WA
Yankee Jack Lake, QLD
Yanko Waterhole, QLD
Yanna Pool, WA
Yannapaira Waterhole, NT
Yannaway Lagoon, NSW
Yanneri Lake, WA
Yantabangee Lake, NSW
Yantandana Waterhole, SA
Yantara Lake, NSW

Yapparu Claypan, WA
Yappi Waterhole, QLD
Yapunyah Waterhole, QLD

Yarara Lake, QLD
Yareweeree Pool, WA
Yarla Claypan, WA
Yarle Lakes, SA
Yarmina Waterhole, QLD
Yarra Billabong, NT
Yarra Yarra Lakes, WA
Yarradda Lagoon, NSW
Yarragaminda Waterhole, QLD
Yarraman Lagoon, NSW
Yarraman Waterhole, QLD
Yarraminghinna Waterhole, SA
Yarramungueer Lagoon, NSW
Yarrandilla Waterhole, QLD
Yarrawolya Pool, WA
Yarrie Lake, NSW
Yarrie Rock Waterhole, QLD
Yartla Lake, NSW

Yatco Lagoon, SA


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Picture relating to Parliament House - titled 'Armistice Day, Old Parliament House front steps with spectators.'Parliament House Picture relating to Cloncurry - titled 'Horse and rider clear a high jump in Cloncurry'Cloncurry Picture relating to Mount Morgan - titled 'Hulda Lundager as a young woman, Mt. Morgan, ca. 1906'Mount Morgan Picture relating to Somerset Dam - titled 'Oversized regulator at the Somerset Dam, Esk, Queensland'Somerset Dam Picture relating to Mackay - titled ''God save our Empire' Commonwealth Day procession in Mackay, Queensland, 1901'Mackay Picture relating to Esk - titled 'Metropole Hotel, Esk, 1934'Esk

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