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41 Lakes and Dams names begin with 'A' in Queensland


Abes Waterhole, QLD
Abudda Lakes, QLD

Adaford Waterhole, QLD
Adams Lagoon, QLD
Advancetown Lake, QLD

Aggravation Waterhole, QLD
Agnes Lake, QLD
Agrippa Waterhole, QLD

Albert Nyanza Lagoon, QLD
Alberts Lagoon, QLD
Aldeys Waterhole, QLD
Alex Hole, QLD
Alice River, QLD
Alice River, QLD
Alinya Waterhole, QLD
Alivinna Waterhole, QLD
Alleogera Waterhole, QLD
Alligator Lagoons, QLD
Alligator Waterhole, QLD
Allom Lake, QLD
Alma Waterhole, QLD

Amity Creek, QLD

Ana Branch Lake, QLD
Annandale Carrawallia Waterhole, QLD
Annandale Waterhole, QLD
Annuary Waterhole, QLD

Apatuncka Waterhole, QLD
Appamilki Waterhole, QLD

Archer River, QLD
Archer River, QLD
Armstrong Waterhole, QLD
Arning Waterhole, QLD
Arounga Waterhole, QLD
Arrabury Waterhole, QLD
Artella Lagoon, QLD
Artietidna Waterhole, QLD
Arubial Lagoon, QLD

Auburn River, QLD

Avington Waterhole, QLD
Avon Lagoon, QLD

Lake Awoonga, QLD


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