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78 Lakes and Dams names begin with 'M' in New South Wales


Macintyre Creek, NSW
Mackenzies Lake, NSW
Mackies Lagoon, NSW
Macommon Lake, NSW
Maffra Lake, NSW
Magawah Lagoon, NSW
Mairjimmy Lagoon, NSW
Malpas Reservoir, NSW
Malta Lake, NSW
Manilla River, NSW
Manilla River, NSW
Manly Reservoir, NSW
Mannering Lake, NSW
Maranoa Waterhole, NSW
Mardi Dam, NSW
Marimley Lake, NSW
Markaira Waterhole, NSW
Marobee Dam, NSW
Matong Lagoon, NSW
Maynes (Yarrangooran) Lagoon, NSW

Mc Clures Lake, NSW

Meadows Lagoon, NSW
Meginleys Lake, NSW
Merimbula Lake, NSW
Meringo Cowal, NSW
Meroo Lake, NSW
Merrah Dam, NSW
Merriewiggle Waterhole, NSW
Meryon Cowal, NSW

Mickwilly Lake, NSW
Middle Lagoon, NSW
Mile Lagoon, NSW
Miles Lake, NSW
Milkingerry Waterhole, NSW
Millers Clump, NSW
Minnie Water, NSW

Moira Lake, NSW
Momera Lagoon, NSW
Mooney Mooney Upper Dam, NSW
Moonlight Lake, NSW
Mooratchia Lake, NSW
Moores Lagoon, NSW
Moorina Waterhole, NSW
Moornanyah Lake, NSW
Mopoga Waterhole, NSW
Moredum Reservoirs, NSW
Morrisons Lake, NSW
Mortons Lake, NSW
Moseys Lake, NSW
Mount Lowry Creek, NSW
Mourguong Saltwater Disposal Basin, NSW

Muckee Lake, NSW
Muckerumba Swamp, NSW
Muddah Lake, NSW
Mukudjeroo Waterhole, NSW
Mulga Hut Swamp, NSW
Mullarara Waterhole, NSW
Mullawoolka Basin, NSW
Muloga Lake, NSW
Multagoona Lagoon, NSW
Multulda Waterhole, NSW
Mulurulu Lake, NSW
Mungundi Lake, NSW
Munguryania Waterhole, NSW
Murphy Lake, NSW
Murphys Lake, NSW
Murrah Lagoon, NSW
Murray 2 Pondage, NSW
Murray Downs Lake, NSW
Murrechi Waterhole, NSW
Murrumbidgee River, NSW
Murrumbidgee River, NSW
Murrumbidgil Swamp, NSW
Murtabunna Lake, NSW
Mutton Gut Lagoon, NSW

Myall Lake, NSW
Myalla Lake, NSW
Mystery Lake, NSW


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