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Bonzle Digital Atlas of Australia

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49 Bays names begin with 'R'


Raby Bay, QLD
Raffles Bay, NT
Ragged Basin, TAS
Ralphs Bay, TAS
Ramsay Bay, QLD
Ramungir Bay, NT
Ransonnet Bay, TAS
Raoul Bay, TAS
Rapid Bay, SA
Ratcliffe Bay, WA
Rawali Inlet, NT

Recherche Bay, TAS
Recruit Bay, WA
Red Cliff Bay, WA
Red House Bay, SA
Red Rock Bay, QLD
Refuge Bay, QLD
Refuge Bay, NT
Refuge Cove, VIC
Regnard Bay, WA
Repulse Bay, QLD
Rescue Bay, QLD
Rest Bay, WA

Riddoch Bay, SA
Riedle Bay, TAS
Ringarooma Bay, TAS
Rivoli Bay, SA

Roaring Bay, TAS
Roaring Beach Bay, TAS
Robert Bay, WA
Robinson Inlet, NT
Rockingham Bay, QLD
Rocky Bay, NT
Rocky Bay, TAS
Rocky Cove, WA
Rocky Shelf Bay, QLD
Rodds Bay, QLD
Rodds Bay, QLD
Rodds Harbour, QLD
Roebuck Bay, WA
Rolling Bay, NT
Ronsard Bay, WA
Rossiter Bay, WA
Rosslyn Bay, QLD
Rothsay Water, WA
Rowitta Harbour, TAS

Rumbul Bay, WA
Rushes Bay, NSW
Russells Bay, NSW


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