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Picture relating to Tharwa - titled 'William and Nina Farrer Graves near Tharwa, ACT'
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Picture relating to Coochiemudlo Island - titled 'Coochiemudlo Island'

William and Nina Farrer Graves near Tharwa, ACT

contributed by Ausgirl, taken on 23 June 2007
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William Farrer was a medical student in England before his immigration to Australia in 1870. Unfortunately he contracted tuberculosis so sought Australia's drier climate to live.

His first job was tutoring the Campbell children at Duntroon . In 1875 he qualified as a surveyor, working for the NSW Lands Department until 1886.

In 1882 he married Nina de Salis - daughter of Count Leopold Fane De Salis of Cuppacumbalong, Tharwa.

Farrer focussed on farming at his home of Lambrigg, firstly by planting grape vines without success, he then decided to plant wheat. Due to weather conditions his first two harvests were damaged by rust, this spurred Farrer to develop strains that were resistant to rust. In 1900 he was successful with a variety he named Federation.

Farrer died from heart disease, and was buried at a site he had selected on the rocky ridge overlooking his experimental paddocks. Nina lived at Lambrigg until her death and is buried beside her husband.

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