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Picture relating to Weetawaa - titled 'Weetawaa'
Picture relating to Bulimba - titled 'Bridge over Bulimba Creek on Broadwater Road, Brisbane, ca. 1935'

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contributed by sabretel, taken in 1964
(contact sabretel about this picture)

Alternate view of Weetawaa homestead showing grader that was used to improve the dirt roads on the property and create to airstrips, one near the homestead next to the Burren Junction Road for the Piper Twin Commanche used to commute to Sydney, the other was just past the bridge built across Goonoognoo creek to the back part of the property. That airstrip was for the Piper Pawnee that was used for crop spraying in the area.

This picture is also part of the Bonzle Creeks (open in new window) photo collection.