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    Larkinville, panning for gold on the site where the Golden Eagle was found - 1969

    contributed by Cordyline, taken in 1969
    (contact Cordyline about this picture | see more pictures from Cordyline - open in new window)

    The actual place where young Jimmy Larcombe found the Golden Eagle nugget - here is my mate Pete Reid of West Australia Fossicking for the elusive Gold amongst the tailings of the shallow mine
    Larcombe sold the nugget and bought a pub in nearby Kalgoorlie photo to follow
    At that time we met a couple of prospectors - man and wife who originated from Yorkshire
    They sunk a shaft and were finding small amounts of gold, the shaft was like a well - he would go down it by ladder then put spoil in a bucket for his Mrs to wind up
    Although it was 1969 they still had a Model A ford car
    They said a slicker from Perth called a few times hoping to buy it - they being of Yorkshire stock wouldn't be duped by him

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