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Picture relating to Halifax - titled 'Hunters displaying their hunting trophies at Halifax, 1907'
Picture relating to Sandgate - titled 'Woman and child sitting on the beach at Sandgate, Brisbane, ca. 1907'
Picture relating to Wynnum - titled 'Fishing boats at Wynnum, 1907'
Picture relating to Maroochydore - titled 'Haul of fish on the beach at Maroochydore, Queensland, 1907'

Fishing boats at Wynnum, 1907

contributed by QldPics, taken in 1907
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Two small fishing boats are moored at the wharf at Wynnum. Baskets of fish appear to have just been unloaded onto the shore. Caption on photograph: Wynnum (Qld) - The Fishing Boats. (T.H.D. Series)