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Picture relating to Mount Franklin - titled 'Mount Franklin Austin A40 Ski Tow'
Picture relating to Mount Franklin - titled 'Mount Franklin Ski Run'
Picture relating to Black Mountain - titled 'View of links from verandah of Club House, Black Mountain behind.'

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Mount Franklin Austin A40 Ski Tow

contributed by Farwind, taken in December 2012
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The information sign reads "In keeping with the spirit of resourcefulness and ingenuity, club members used a car to power a ski tow. In 1965 this vehicle had been involved in a robbery and the ensuing police chase resulting in the car rolling. Minus its entire roof and windows it now had potential as a ski tow! With the rope running around one of the back wheels and with the pulley wheel attached to the lift poles, the A40 commenced operation. However, die to problems of gearing and power, together with vandalism, it soon fell into disuse. Today, nature is slowly reclaiming the Slalom Run. Through the process of ecological succession, pioneer species such as mountain wattles are revegetating the disturbed subalpine woodland. In time, the slow growing snow gums will emerge from the protection of the short-lived mountain wattles.

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