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Picture relating to Queensland - titled 'Queensland Jubilee 1859-1909 postcard.'
Picture relating to Queensland - titled 'Kilkivan'
Picture relating to Queensland - titled 'Kilkivan'
Picture relating to Queensland - titled 'Kilkivan'
Picture relating to Tasmania - titled 'Birds of Tasmania - #5 - Tamar Valley Region'
Picture relating to Queensland - titled 'Bunya Mountains National Park'
Picture relating to New South Wales - titled 'Birds of New South Wales - #4 - Bowral Region'

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Queensland Jubilee 1859-1909 postcard.

contributed by QldPics, taken in 1859
(contact QldPics about this picture)

Queensland Jubilee 1859-1909 postcard including the allegorical figure of Britannia? and an image of a warship. Represented is the outline of Queensland's coast, tropical fruit, flora, wool and stock, a waterfall, and the state badge (the imperial crown superimposed on a Maltese cross). An acrostic poem spelling Q-U-E-E-N-S-L-A-N-D is also included: Queensland the fairest Dominion that stands/ Under the Union Jack!/ Ever progressing most virile of lands;/Energy never grown slack!/Now in the pride of her jubilee, she/Stands as a model both loyal and free!/Loyal to Britain, more loyal are none,/And free with the Freedom that confidence won!/Never had Empire a province more fair!/Daughter of Britain, of radiant air! Postcard is number 118 in the Curlew Series.

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