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Picture relating to Narwarre - titled 'Narwarre'
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Picture relating to Floraville - titled 'Post office at Floraville, North Queensland, June, 1908'
Picture relating to Gregory Downs - titled 'Gregory Downs Hotel, Lawn Hill, ca. 1933'
Picture relating to Bulimba - titled 'Coloured postcard of two steamships in the Brisbane River at Bulimba, ca. 1907'
Picture relating to Augustus Downs - titled 'Mrs. Gertrude Rothery transmitting the first morse message to the Royal Flying Doctor Service's Cloncurry Base, 19 June 1929'

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Ophthalmia Range ~ Newman 6753

contributed by JoeFurulyas, taken on 15 November 2018
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Here it goes again, but at least this time it's 'official'
The effigies of Stan and Ella Hilditch are clearly alarmed, pointing at the massive dust cloud rising from BHP's eastern ridge mining operations, sadly the dust is heading for town, so everybody can enjoy the spoils of mining.
The Australian Conservation Foundation has just made public the results of a study regarding air borne pollutants and there is NO SURPRISE the town of Newman or post code 6753 is up there ~ a winner!

This picture is also part of the Bonzle Mining (open in new window) photo collection.