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Picture relating to Kanyaka - titled 'Kanyaka'
Picture relating to Top Hut - titled 'Top Hut's Graham Bros.. Black Truck 1923'
Picture relating to Adgingbong - titled 'Adgingbong'
Picture relating to Tarzali - titled 'Harry Bartlett's Ford 'Blitz' lorry with timber jinker, ca. 1950'
Picture relating to Werna - titled 'Sheep and wool bales on a truck and trailer on Werna Station, Queensland, 1916'
Picture relating to Northampton Downs - titled 'Load of wool on a motor truck at Northampton Downs Station, Queensland, 1925'

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contributed by JHosking, taken on 20 May 1977
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Truck load of Superphosphate in bags being delivered to the grain barn. Note mouse proof galvanised iron guards above the stone walls. The area was notorious for mouse plagues.