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Picture relating to Mount Morgan - titled 'Mount Morgan Gold Mine, Queensland, ca. 1888'
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Picture relating to Hughenden - titled 'International truck with wool bales in the Hughenden district, 1916'
Picture relating to Werna - titled 'Sheep and wool bales on a truck and trailer on Werna Station, Queensland, 1916'

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    Mount Morgan Gold Mine, Queensland, ca. 1888

    contributed by QldPics, taken in 1888
    (contact QldPics about this picture)

    Miners working the Mount Morgan open-cut gold mines, Queensland, around 1888. Some are shovelling soil into a cart, another is wheeling an iron truck along the tracks. Men along the hilltop are mining the soil with picks and shovels. The man on the left with the beard and hat is possibly J. Wesley Hall, general manager of the mine from 1886-1891. The mine was the largest natural goldmine in the southern hemisphere, and was founded in 1882 by the Morgan brothers.

    This picture is also part of the Bonzle Mining (open in new window) photo collection.