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    'K' Battery blockhouse, Cape Peron WA

    contributed by GerryRyder, taken on 23 March 2016
    (contact GerryRyder about this picture | see more pictures from GerryRyder - open in new window)

    'K' Battery was one of a series of gun emplacements sited to protect the approaches to Fremantle Harbour during WWII. These installations included one on Rottnest Island consisting of a pair of WWI-vintage 9 inch ex-naval guns, the largest in the series.
    During WWII, Fremantle Harbour was an important and busy submarine base, mainly for the US Navy, but with British and Dutch boats present as well. 'K' Battery was the southernmost emplacement, sited at Point (Cape) Peron and equipped with a pair of 155 mm ex-US Army weapons, mounted on a radial base known as a 'Panama mount' to facilitate traversing of these large field guns by man-power. The blockhouse shown here overlooks the site which is being partially restored as a memorial to those who served in the coastal battery system. Many were women because their menfolk were overseas in the services.
    'K' Battery was stood down in early 1945 as the war receded to the far north toward Japan.

    This picture is also part of the Bonzle Memorials (open in new window) photo collection.