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Picture relating to Warwick - titled 'Ellenthorpe Steam Flour Mills in Warwick, ca. 1865'
Picture relating to Townsville - titled 'John Melton Black's residence, the first home in Townsville built around 1865'

Ellenthorpe Steam Flour Mills in Warwick, ca. 1865

contributed by QldPics, taken in 1865
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This was the first mill in Warwick erected in 1861 by Charles Clark and James McKechie on the Condomine River, facing Wantley Street. Adjacent to the mill was a general store where the farmers could get goods as part payment for delivered grain. An early advertisement in the Warwick Argus 1860 reads: 'Gristing. The undersigned are prepared to grind wheat for anybody who will bring not less than 10 bushels. Chas. Clark & Co., Ellenthorpe Steam Flour Mills, Warwick' (Description supplied with photograph.)
Warwick was the first town on the Darling Downs established in 1849 on the banks of the Condamine River. The rich grazing land around the area supports horse and cattle studs, fine wool and grain. In 1871 the railway from Ipswich came through. Warwick is situated 158km south west of Brisbane on the Cunningham Highway. (Information taken from: M. Barca, Explore Historic Australia, 2002)

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