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Picture relating to Stanthorpe - titled 'Quart Pot Hotel Stanthorpe, 1872'
Picture relating to Stanthorpe - titled 'Offices of the Border Post and Stannum Miner, near the corner of Maryland and Folkstone Street, Stanthorpe, 1872'
Picture relating to Stanthorpe - titled 'Groom's Pioneer Bakery, Griggs Street, Stanthorpe, 1872'
Picture relating to Brisbane - titled 'Queen Street, Brisbane, ca 1872'
Picture relating to Yatala - titled 'Hanlon's Hotel, Yatala, at the Ferry on the Albert River, ca. 1872'

Quart Pot Hotel Stanthorpe, 1872

contributed by QldPics, taken in 1872
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Hotel was a pine and hardwood construction. The proprietor John Keleher was a well known builder and contractor who built the National School in 1873 and erected the first bridge across Quart Pot Creek. The location of the hotel was west of the Post Office in Creek Street. Other proprietors were Anna Irvine (1873) and John Commerford (1875). (Information taken from: Harslett and Royle, They came to a plateau : (the Stanthorpe Saga), 3rd ed., 1980)
Stanthorpe is the commercial centre of the Granite Belt in Queensland. The region is unique for its wide seasonal variations, occasionally snowing in winter. The name Stanthorpe comes from the Latin word 'stannum', meaning tin, and the English word 'thorp' meaning village. The town grew around a coaching station established in 1857 and boomed in 1872 when tin was discovered near Quart Pot Creek. Fruit growing and winemaking are the two main industries in Stanthorpe today. (Information taken from: UBD Queensland Country Link Street & Travel Directory - 15 ed.)

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