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Picture relating to Greenvale - titled 'Greenvale'
Picture relating to Brisbane - titled 'Petrie Bight on the Brisbane River, ca. 1875'


contributed by kenmlyall, taken in 1875
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Margaret Lyall (nee Hemphill) 1852-1917. After moving to Greenvale Station in 1884, she travelled to Melbourne the following year to give birth to a daughter, Margaret (Meta), returning to Queensland shortly after on the "Cahors" which was wrecked off the NSW coast. Prior to going back to Greenvale Margaret stopped for a short time in Brisbane to visit Bella and Percy Ricardo, Bella being a sister of her husband, and in poor health at that time.
On 7 August 1885 she wrote to her sister-in-law, Florence Lyall.
My dearest Florence, It's about time I thought of answering your last kind letter. While in Brisbane I did not feel much up to writing - I was too unsettled and this is only the second mail since our arrival. We are getting along famously even tho' we have no married couple. We are invaded with niggers - the house sometimes swarms with gins - I wish you could see them - some are as dirty as can be with just dirty old shirts that barely hold together and they come and sit down and watch me give baby her bath and are highly amused. I have two old gins working. One is really a good old thing and works well, but the other doesn't understand working, besides she has a small child which takes a lot of her attention. It is such a dear wee mite. Then I've got a small girl about 10 years old (I've called her Dinah). I'm trying to break her in and already she has improved very much - Willie and I have great fun with her. I had to make them all frocks before I could let them do work, then had to make others so as to have one and to wash the other. They go to the river and bathe every day and are gradually becoming civilised. Ther must be over 40 at the camp altogether. We hear them at the corroborees at night. I had a letter from Bella this mail. She has taken great trouble over my clothes, dear old girl, and I don't think they are up to much. I just hate to think of them. Poor old Maud (a co- traveller on the "Cahors" and another of Willie's sisters) suffered worst. I'm glad that she is enjoying herself so much. Bella was telling me how well she looked at the ball. Baby is getting on so well and is growing quite big and is such a merry wee baby, sheamuses Willie greatly and they have great games together. She is not a bit shy or strange with people and just loves the gins. I don't let them have her too much yet but they talk and play with her. We expect Andy Lyall and Mr. Beasley here tomorrow night. The latter is getting on very well and much liked at the station. Mr. M. is manager. You are quite right Florence dear in thinking that there was any fear the night of the wreck. It's all very well for Maud to say so now. She behaved bravely all through that trying time - and was cheered by the sailors on being lowered into the basket. My baby was cheered by the crew in the boat and said to be the best baby as she slept the whole time - one old sailor lifted us both from one boat to the other and placed us on a seat, and the had her taken carefully up on board the "Burwah."
Rest of letter missing.

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