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Picture relating to Ann Street - titled 'Supreme Court, Ann Street, Brisbane, ca. 1880'

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Supreme Court, Ann Street, Brisbane, ca. 1880

contributed by QldPics, taken in 1880
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View of the Supreme Court building standing prominently at the end of Ann Street.
The site chosen for the new Supreme Court building in the 1870's was one originally occupied by the old convict hospital and surgeon's quarters on North Quay.

The plans prepared by the Colonial Architect, provided for a 'T' shaped building in the Italianate style as this was deemed to be suitable for the climate and also financially attainable. The original design of 1874 was for an extensive and magnificent edifice, however it would have cost double the amount set aside for the court, so the plans were modified. John Petrie was awarded the contract in 1875 and the building was opened in March 1879.

The original Supreme Court lasted a little under a century as in the 1960's it was decided to demolish this architecturally significant building and to replace it with modern multi story erections. The end was hastened by a fire lit by an arsonist in 1968, making it an easy decision to demolish what remained. (Information taken from J.H.C. McClurg, Historical Sketches of Brisbane, 1975)

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