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Picture relating to Thornborough - titled 'Thornborough'
Picture relating to Warwick - titled 'Illustration of a scene in albion Street, Warwick, ca. 1886'
Picture relating to Warwick - titled 'Laying the foundation stone for the Masonic Hall, Warwick, 1886'
Picture relating to Warwick - titled 'Australian Joint Stock Bank in Warwick, ca. 1886'


contributed by cocopop, taken in 1886
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Headstone in Thornborough Cemetry of James Maher. 1886.
Husband of Caroline Barnett and father of James Martin Maher, born 10 Feb 1886. James and Caroline had been married only ten months before his death.
Constable James Maher was appointed Inspector of slaughter houses and cattle intended for slaughter in Thornborough and Kingsborough Qld., as reported in the Brisbane Courier Monday 19 Jan 1885 and the Saturday Govt Gazette.
Sadly, James died suddenly after numerous "fits" 2 March 1886.