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Picture relating to Brisbane - titled 'Unveiling of the T. J. Byrnes statue, Brisbane, 1902'

Unveiling of the T. J. Byrnes statue, Brisbane, 1902

contributed by QldPics, taken in 1902
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A large crowd gathered to watch the unveiling of the T. J. Byrnes statue in 1902. Thomas Joseph Byrnes was Premier of Queensland for five months in 1898 (13 April to 27 September), his term ending after his death from a sudden attack of measles and pneumonia. 'A legend developed around Byrnes's memory, hailing him as a man of outstanding integrity and political acumen. A memorial fund initiated the Byrnes medal for scholarship, and statues by public subscription were erected in Warwick and Brisbane. No other Queensland premier has been so honoured.' (Information taken from: Australian dictionary of biography, v. 7, 1966)

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