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Picture relating to Stannary Hills - titled 'Stannary Hills Rugby Union Team, 1907'

Stannary Hills Rugby Union Team, 1907

contributed by QldPics, taken in 1907
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Stannary Hills was a tin mining town in North Queensland, originating in the boom of the 1880s. By around 1907 Stannary Hills had grown to almost 800 people, with five hotels, two butchers, commission agents, a bank, post office, laundry, cafe/restaurant, general stores and even a billiard saloon. There was a 14-bed hospital with a permanent doctor, a school and a police station. There were three churches, and a privately financed railway link to the nearby government line. (Information taken from Irvinebank State School website, 2005, retrieved on 28 April 2005, from <>)