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Picture relating to Enoggera - titled 'Enoggera Army Camp'
Picture relating to Queensland - titled 'QANTAS aircraft, the Armstrong Whitworth FK8, ca. 1922'
Picture relating to Boulia - titled 'At the Boulia Racecourse, rider D. Howard, 1922'
Picture relating to Charleville - titled 'Girls' hostel in Wells Street, Charleville, ca. 1922'
Picture relating to Winton - titled 'De Dion Bouton truck loaded with wool bales, Winton, Queensland, 1922'
Picture relating to Stanthorpe - titled 'Group photograph of the town councillors at the opening of the new Stanthorpe Shire Council Chambers, 1922'
Picture relating to Maryborough - titled 'War Memorial, Maryborough, ca. 1922'

Enoggera Army Camp

contributed by Kevisan, taken in 1922
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A picture of National Servicemen. The two on either side of the sitting woman are identical twins, Harry & Ernst Simonsen. Their mother Ida, is the woman at the rear with the wide hat, with Neils behind her. ca 1922

This picture is also part of the Bonzle Camping (open in new window) photo collection.