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Picture relating to Winton - titled 'De Dion Bouton truck loaded with wool bales, Winton, Queensland, 1922'
Picture relating to Beaudesert - titled 'Beaudesert Shire Council's International truck, ca.1922'
Picture relating to Canungra - titled 'Governor Sir Matthew Nathan visiting the Cunungra Pine Creek Tramway, 1922'
Picture relating to Boonah - titled 'International truck ca. 1922, hired for an outing, Boonah, Queensland'
Picture relating to Bollon - titled 'South west Queensland's first motor vehicle to run a mail route, in Bollon, 1922'

De Dion Bouton truck loaded with wool bales, Winton, Queensland, 1922

contributed by QldPics, taken in 1922
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French De Dion Bouton truck, fitted with solid tyres and acetylene headlamps and loaded with wool bales. De Dion Bouton trucks and buses from 1909 until after WW1 used this circular Solex brand radiator with three pointed star bracing. Solex are best known today as manufacturers of carburettors and the Velosolex moped. In 1910 De Dion Bouton was one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world, provided buses for Paris and New York and also made special trucks and buses for the Philippines with some of the first production V8 engines. De Dion Bouton trucks and buses were also widely used by the allied armies during World War 1. Inscribed on the front of the original photograph:- 'Commercial C. Coy's De Dion lorry, 4 1/2 tons, 11/11/22'

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