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Picture relating to Queensland - titled 'John George Appel, ca 1922'
Picture relating to Warwick - titled 'Panoramic view of the Warwick district, ca. 1922'
Picture relating to Charleville - titled 'Girls' hostel in Wells Street, Charleville, ca. 1922'
Picture relating to Bald Knob - titled 'Allen Daniels of Bald Knob, ca. 1922'

John George Appel, ca 1922

contributed by QldPics, taken in 1922
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John George Appel, lawyer, farmer and politician, was born at South Brisbane on 15 march 1859. He was educated at the Brisbane Normal School and at the age of ten became a foundation scholar at the Brisbane Grammar School. Appel practiced the law in Brisbane and later Townsville, where he moved due to ill health. In 1889 he abandoned the law for a farm in upper Nerang Valley. He was a member of the Hamilton Shire Council in 1890-1908. After Hamilton became a municipality he was twice mayor. In 1902 he also became a member of the Nerang Shire Council for six years. He won the seat of Albert, then based on Southport, in 1908 and retained it until his death on the 19th March 1929. (Information taken from: Australian Dictionary of Biography, v. 7, 1979)