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Picture relating to Biloela - titled 'Joe McLennan's butcher's cart, in Biloela, 1944'

Joe McLennan's butcher's cart, in Biloela, 1944

contributed by QldPics, taken in 1944
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The two-wheeled butcher's cart had an enclosed wooden box behind the driver's seat. The horse, harnassed to the cart and wearing blinkers, is standing in a laneway.
Biloela is in the fertile Callide Valley, 142 km south-west of Rockhampton. The name of the town comes from an aboriginal word for 'white cockatoo'. The Gangulu tribe inhabited the area before European settlement. Ludwig Leichhardt explored the region in 1844. Today, water from artesian bores irrigates crops of lucerne and cotton. The area is rich in coal with the Callide power stations producing about 20 per cent of Queensland's electricity. Beef production is also a major industry and the Biloela meat works are the third largest in Queensland. (Information taken from: Banana Shire Council database, 2002-2004, retrieved 25 August 2004, from , Walkabout database and Explore Australia, 2003.)