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Picture relating to Yarraman - titled 'Yarraman'
Picture relating to Maryborough - titled 'Playboy the horse, with attendant at Maryborough, 1946'


contributed by JohnH, taken in 1946
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Stables Camp. This was a forestry camp for single men. Before the Forestry Department bought the area (in about 1924) the site was owned by the local sawmill. A gravity operated tramway ran from this site to the mill at Yarraaman. Horses were used to pull the empty wagons back to this point. Horses were kept here - hence the name Stables Camp. The camp was improved over the years and remained here until about 1978. The site remains (although overgrown) on the Yarraman Forest Drive.

This picture is also part of the Bonzle Camping (open in new window) photo collection.