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Picture relating to Rockingham Bay - titled 'Memorial plaque for Edmund Kennedy, Rockingham Bay, 1948'

Memorial plaque for Edmund Kennedy, Rockingham Bay, 1948

contributed by QldPics, taken in 1948
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In 1848 the Assistant-Surveyor of New South Wales, Edmund Kennedy, led an expedition to explore Cape York Peninsula. In the previous year he had discovered the Thomson River and established that the Barcoo River was part of Cooper's Creek. Arriving at Rockingham Bay (north of Townsville) in May, Kennedy's party, after much privation and toil, reached Weymouth Bay, where they established a depot. Kennedy, with four others, Costigan, Dunn, Luff, and a indigenous Australian, Jacky Jacky, left this depot in an endeavour to reach Cape York, where a relief ship was expected.

Kennedy and Jacky Jacky continued north, after leaving the others at Shelburne Bay. Only the native reached Cape York, for in a skirmish with other indigenous Australians, Kennedy was killed. Jacky Jacky guided the ship's relief party to Shelburne Bay, but Costigan, Dunn, and Luff had perished. At the Weymouth Bay depot, only two survivors were found. (Information taken from:Teachers Internet Database 2005, retrieved 8 August 2005 from <>)

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