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Picture relating to Mena Creek - titled ''Paronella Park' castle at Mena Creek, Queensland, 1948'

'Paronella Park' castle at Mena Creek, Queensland, 1948

contributed by QldPics, taken in 1948
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'Paronella Park' castle at Mena Creek, near Innisfail. The castle was designed and built by Spanish immigrant Jose Paronella in the 1930s displaying a Spanish influence in its architectural design. The castle is constructed from concrete, reinforced with old railway track. The concrete was then covered with a plaster made from clay and cement, which was put on by hand. In 1935 the park was officially opened to the public. The Spanish castle displays windows, various levels of roofing and a terrace. A concrete, Spanish-style fence, and gardens surround the building. (Information taken from: Paronella Park, 2003, retrieved 23 January 2003, from <>)

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