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Picture relating to Charleville - titled 'Revellers at the Picnic Race Club Ball, Charleville, ca. 1954-1957'

Revellers at the Picnic Race Club Ball, Charleville, ca. 1954-1957

contributed by QldPics, taken in 1954
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The Picnic Race CLub was founded in the early 1890s. This is a section of the crowd attending the ball, all dressed in their finery.
'Beilby' adds:
The gentleman on the left in the bow tie was the State School Headmaster, Mr C. (?) Wombold. His year of arrival in Charleville was after 1953. He was still the Headmaster in late 1957 when almost the entire school (just 3 or 4 classrooms remained unscathed) was destroyed by fire - in the early hours after the School's Annual Fancy Dress Ball in the RSL Hall. Rumours about its cause swirled about town and fingers were pointed and names named.

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