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Picture relating to Beaudesert - titled 'Beaudesert'


contributed by McConnell, taken in 1954
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11 National Service Training Battalion.Men from the Beaudesert and Boonah areas.On left third row back first soldier is William David (Dave) McConnell. "D" Coy 13PLATOON. Back Row(L to R) : Ptes. D'Arey, Egan, Renz, Simmons, Power. Fifth Row: Ptes. Spencer, Rhoades, Schubel, Browne, McNamara, Kubler, Radunx,Huffey,Hern. Fourth Row:Reddick, Burgess, Hawkins, Doyle, Osborne, McDougall, Trace, Flesser, Draper, W. J.. Johns. Third Row: Ptes. McConnell, Scheider, Harm, McFarlane, Wills, Wilkin, Tulloch, Leadbetter, Foelz, Cubbin, Herbert. Second Row: Ptes. Taylor, Urquhart, L/Cpt Bull, Bdr Irvine, Sgt. kichler, Cpl. Gill, Cpl. Ruff, Cpl. Richter, Cpl. Fay, Pte. Shephan. Front Row: Ptes . Draper, R. F.. Evans, Jensen, Creamer, McBean, Gregory.

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