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Picture relating to Charleville - titled 'Locos's Cafe, Charleville, ca. 1956'

Locos's Cafe, Charleville, ca. 1956

contributed by QldPics, taken in 1956
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This building is situated on a street corner. A truck is on the street in front of the shop and a utility is parked around the corner.
'Beilby' adds:
This is Mick Locos's cafe. It was a well-regarded place even if not apparently beautiful from the outside. It would have vied for patrons with the Belle Vue Cafe just down the road from Pall Mall - but Mick eventually outdid the Belle Vue with his importation of a cappucino machine about 1957. Very chic. The Queensland Symphony Orchestra visited the town in late 1957 or some time in 1958. It was to Mick Locos's cafe that the conductor repaired after the concert. We enjoyed Malted Milks with him as I recall but Mick was keen to promote the cappucino machine and one afternoon he treated a number of us to free cappucinos. He eventually added an electrical annexe to the cafe. Maybe it specialized in musical equipment - record players, etc. He also sold a small collection of Classical LP recordings - miscellaneously selected. The Belle Vue and Mick Locos's cafe were the two principal cafes in town in those days - but they had an Alfred Street rival in Jimmy Chicolas's cafe - a long, dark, greasy-looking place that probably specialized in the 'mixed grill'. It had none of the ambience of either Mick Locos's cafe or the Belle Vue. I don't recall Mick Locos's prices but the Belle Vue used to be a reasonable place for lunch on school daysin the 1940's - 6 pence worth of sandwiches and a malted milk, one shilling the lot. We were always encouraged by our parents to 'break the straw' after drinking our malted milks, straws being somewhat sophisticated additions to any cafe drink in those days and there was the fear that they might be reused if they were not broken.