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Picture relating to Coolangatta - titled 'Coolangatta 1968 surf trip from Sydney'

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Coolangatta 1968 surf trip from Sydney

contributed by murfthesurf, taken in 1968
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Continuing my surf trip top row great waves at Evans Head NSW than down to Tallows Beach Lighthouse near Byron Bay.Row 2 first 3 photos are at Angourie and it was breaking ok but did not see Nat Young there that day.
Last 3 photos show us taking the drop during a no wave time into a lagoon at the Banana Bowl Caravan Park maybe it is still there.
The surf stayed flat so we played tourists at the old jail at South West Rocks.This place very interesting and worth the trip off the highway.So the trip was now over and with heavy hearts we made our way back to the western Sydney suburbs.I am sure glad that I have kept these photos as a reminder of the good old days of this still beautiful country.

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