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Picture relating to Cashmere Downs - titled 'Cashmere Downs calling the Flying Doctor - 1970'

Cashmere Downs calling the Flying Doctor - 1970

contributed by Cordyline, taken in 1970
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This is how we kept in touch with the Outside World from our bush camp at Cashmere Downs WA
Using a Flying Doctor Radio, we had to lay out two aerial wires at specific lengths and height, then call at a certain time, our call sign was 9WSK.
We could only send short messages which went to the Flying DoctorService office in Kalgoorlie - they would then telegram or relay message by phone to our office
The camera for this photo was a miniature type and quite novel - I bought it off a bloke who was traveling with his family from the Eastern States to Perth and was running out of $$$

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