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Largest Forestry Reserves in Tasmania

Largest Forestry Reserves in Tasmania

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RankingRegionArea (km2 or hectares)[1]
1State Forest Tasmania7,248 km2
2State Forest Tasmania1,961 km2
3State Forest Tasmania1,692 km2
4State Forest Tasmania1,633 km2
5State Forest Tasmania65,382 hectares
6State Forest Tasmania52,841 hectares
7State Forest Tasmania52,028 hectares
8State Forest Tasmania27,541 hectares
9State Forest Tasmania20,463 hectares
10State Forest Tasmania19,379 hectares
11State Forest Tasmania18,480 hectares
12State Forest Tasmania15,331 hectares
13State Forest Tasmania14,318 hectares
14State Forest Tasmania12,760 hectares
15State Forest Tasmania12,241 hectares
16State Forest Tasmania11,601 hectares
17State Forest Tasmania11,076 hectares
18State Forest Tasmania10,859 hectares
19State Forest Tasmania10,217 hectares
20Sumac Forest Reserve Tasmania9,827 hectares
21State Forest Tasmania9,799 hectares
22State Forest Tasmania8,676 hectares
23State Forest Tasmania8,340 hectares
24State Forest Tasmania7,706 hectares
25State Forest Tasmania7,590 hectares
26State Forest Tasmania7,418 hectares
27State Forest Tasmania7,285 hectares
28State Forest Tasmania7,137 hectares
29State Forest Tasmania6,924 hectares
30State Forest Tasmania6,746 hectares
31State Forest Tasmania6,619 hectares
32State Forest Tasmania6,336 hectares
33Mount Maurice Forest Reserve Tasmania6,061 hectares
34Mount Victoria Forest Reserve Tasmania5,995 hectares
35State Forest Tasmania5,838 hectares
36State Forest Tasmania5,497 hectares
37State Forest Tasmania5,396 hectares
38State Forest Tasmania5,267 hectares
39State Forest Tasmania5,233 hectares
40Blue Tier Forest Reserve Tasmania5,071 hectares
41Eastern Tiers Forest Reserve Tasmania4,737 hectares
42State Forest Tasmania4,460 hectares
43State Forest Tasmania4,403 hectares
44State Forest Tasmania4,403 hectares
45Avenue River Forest Reserve Tasmania4,291 hectares
46Cygnet River Forest Reserve Tasmania4,288 hectares
47State Forest Tasmania4,225 hectares
48North Scottsdale Forest Reserve Tasmania4,090 hectares
49State Forest Tasmania3,892 hectares
50Reedy Marsh Forest Reserve Tasmania3,867 hectares

[1]A hectare is a metric unit measurement of area defined as a square 100 metres by 100 metres. One hectare is equal to about 2.5 acres. There are 100 hectares in a square kilometre (km2)

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