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Longest Roads in South Australia

Longest Roads in South Australia

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RoadStatesLength (km)[1]Highest PointLowest Point
Stuart Highwayin the Northern Territory and South Australia2710 km731 m9.32 m
Eyre Highwayin South Australia and Western Australia1670 km435 m2.28 m
Anne Beadell Highwayin South Australia and Western Australia1120 km478 m161 m
Barrier Highwayin New South Wales and South Australia1010 km609 m70.5 m
Trans Access Roadin Western Australia and South Australia1000 km407 m95.6 m
Sturt Highwayin South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales945 km384 m6.5 m
Princes Highwayin South Australia and Victoria814 km590 m-0.381 m
Oodnadatta Trackin South Australia618 km361 m-11 m
Strzelecki Trackin South Australia471 km228 m5.92 m
Birdsville Trackin South Australia456 km87.9 m8.05 m
Aboriginal Business Roadin Western Australia and South Australia455 km424 m193 m
Mallee Highwayin New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia421 km118 m9.32 m
Flinders Highwayin South Australia396 km185 m1.81 m
Gunbarrel Highwayin South Australia and the Northern Territory326 km756 m593 m
Lincoln Highwayin South Australia314 km210 m2.01 m
Colson Trackin South Australia and the Northern Territory307 km317 m54.6 m
Old Eyre Highwayin South Australia306 km102 m51 m
Main North Roadin South Australia305 km502 m9.77 m
Cordillo Roadin Queensland and South Australia305 km96.1 m48 m
Western Highwayin Victoria and South Australia305 km455 m97.6 m
Glenelg Highwayin Victoria and South Australia298 km466 m43.5 m
Rig Roadin South Australia286 km83.5 m10.7 m
Wimmera Highwayin Victoria and South Australia246 km280 m57.6 m
Adventure Wayin Queensland and South Australia239 km183 m48.9 m
Riddoch Highwayin South Australia238 km86.1 m2 m
Comalco Survey Trackin South Australia211 km387 m257 m
Princes Highwayin South Australia210 km169 m-0.345 m
Dukes Highwayin South Australia190 km119 m3.67 m
Tod Highwayin South Australia176 km148 m51.7 m
Emu Roadin South Australia171 km303 m177 m
Lake Dey-Dey Roadin South Australia168 km263 m168 m
French Linein South Australia165 km83.2 m16.8 m
Bore Trackin South Australia163 km110 m53.9 m
Googs Trackin South Australia155 km164 m90.6 m
Main Wentworth Roadin South Australia and New South Wales149 km66.8 m23.7 m
Birdsville Inside Trackin South Australia and Queensland140 km44 m20.4 m
Morgan Mail Roadin South Australia139 km109 m12.1 m
Childara Rockhole Trackin South Australia131 km238 m89 m
Copley Roadin South Australia130 km563 m95.5 m
Port Wakefield Yorketown Roadin South Australia121 km56.2 m4.68 m
Southern Ports Highwayin South Australia119 km29 m-1.25 m
Borefield Roadin South Australia113 km115 m5.53 m
Port Wakefield Roadin South Australia112 km69.3 m5.66 m
Comalco Survey Trackin South Australia111 km421 m293 m
Hawker Orroroo Roadin South Australia107 km543 m318 m
Casterton Naracoorte Roadin Victoria and South Australia105 km152 m43.9 m
K1 Linein the Northern Territory, Queensland and South Australia103 km43.2 m6.23 m
Wilmington Ucolta Roadin South Australia99.2 km593 m273 m
Old Strzelecki Trackin South Australia97.8 km47.4 m26.9 m
Main South Roadin South Australia95 km346 m6.56 m

[1]Road length is an approximation only. Some roads are split into more than one part because they pass through a place where the road is differently named.

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