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Longest Roads in Tasmania

Longest Roads in Tasmania

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RoadStatesLength (km)[1]Highest PointLowest Point
Tasman Highwayin Tasmania400 km623 m-0.973 m
Bass Highwayin Tasmania286 km307 m0.859 m
Lyell Highwayin Tasmania266 km853 m4.17 m
Midland Highwayin Tasmania196 km493 m-0.495 m
Lake Highwayin Tasmania147 km1220 m191 m
Murchison Highwayin Tasmania135 km708 m12 m
Mount Roadin Tasmania95.2 km693 m25 m
Channel Highwayin Tasmania94.3 km163 m1.93 m
Huon Highwayin Tasmania87.2 km376 m-0.337 m
Esk Main Roadin Tasmania81.2 km362 m59.3 m
Arthur Highwayin Tasmania69 km196 m4.15 m
Bridport Roadin Tasmania66.9 km205 m17.4 m
Frankford Roadin Tasmania59.8 km320 m4.81 m
East Tamar Highwayin Tasmania48.6 km154 m-1.8 m
West Tamar Highwayin Tasmania43.9 km137 m-2.06 m
Colebrook Roadin Tasmania38.7 km216 m13.4 m
Golconda Roadin Tasmania36.5 km356 m69.4 m
Sheffield Roadin Tasmania33.7 km296 m14.2 m
Marlborough Highwayin Tasmania30.6 km1060 m641 m
Zeehan Highwayin Tasmania30.2 km312 m101 m
Railton Roadin Tasmania30.2 km209 m6.97 m
Castra Roadin Tasmania29.3 km567 m27.8 m
Wilmot Roadin Tasmania28 km382 m8.46 m
Mathinna Roadin Tasmania25.7 km286 m228 m
Meander Valley Highwayin Tasmania25.6 km253 m131 m
Gladstone Roadin Tasmania24.3 km163 m60.8 m
Henty Roadin Tasmania23.8 km230 m17.5 m
East Derwent Highwayin Tasmania22.7 km92.2 m1.59 m
Lilydale Roadin Tasmania22.4 km400 m61.7 m
Mole Creek Roadin Tasmania22 km350 m241 m
Cressy Roadin Tasmania19.8 km169 m139 m
Mud Walls Roadin Tasmania18 km463 m201 m
Preston Roadin Tasmania16.9 km374 m16.5 m
Illawarra Roadin Tasmania15.3 km171 m137 m
Port Sorell Roadin Tasmania14.8 km106 m4.86 m
Storys Creek Roadin Tasmania13 km802 m243 m
Huon Highway Southern Outletin Tasmania12.6 km232 m3.87 m
Forth Roadin Tasmania9.7 km126 m6.68 m
Batman Highwayin Tasmania9.63 km99.4 m2.69 m
Stanley Highwayin Tasmania6.9 km34.9 m3.7 m
Low Head Roadin Tasmania5.77 km25.9 m5.08 m
Mersey Main Roadin Tasmania4.67 km16.7 m3.55 m
Stony Rise Roadin Tasmania4.1 km73.3 m12.6 m
Emu Bay Roadin Tasmania3.4 km300 m236 m
King Streetin Tasmania3.03 km232 m194 m
Flinders Streetin Tasmania2.89 km34.3 m8.99 m
Ringarooma Roadin Tasmania2.56 km204 m158 m
Domain Highwayin Tasmania2.07 km81.9 m17 m
William Streetin Tasmania1.79 km203 m170 m
George Streetin Tasmania1.75 km202 m180 m

[1]Road length is an approximation only. Some roads are split into more than one part because they pass through a place where the road is differently named.

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