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Picture relating to Yarra River - titled 'SS Beltana Duke & Orrs Drydock Yarra River'
Picture relating to Windang Island - titled 'Windang Island camping ground 1963 with my friends from left Chris,Leslie and Robyn-wonder where they are now.Note battery powered record player playing 45 maybe Crash Craddock singing Boom Boom Baby.She did not really drink that beer just posed for the picture we were only 15.'
Picture relating to Little Mount Bogong - titled 'Summit Hut Mount Bogong'
Picture relating to Scarborough - titled 'Scarborough Beach Camp Grounds (Tent City) '
Picture relating to Fitzroy Falls Reservoir - titled 'Fitzroy Falls  - in Flood'
Picture relating to Illamurta Spring - titled 'Northern Territory - Illamurta 1963'
Picture relating to Henbury - titled 'Henbury Station - Central Australia 1963'
Picture relating to Oodnadatta - titled 'Northern Territory'
Picture relating to Mount Nugong - titled 'Mount Nugong / Bentley's Plain'
Picture relating to Mount Conner - titled 'Alice Springs'
Picture relating to Idracowra - titled 'Idracowra Station'
Picture relating to Peko Mine - titled 'Peko Mine'
Picture relating to Ord River - titled 'Ord River Dam Wall'

Mount Nugong / Bentley's Plain

contributed by NoelFraser, taken in July 1963
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Towards Back river from Nugong when the logging roads were being built by Ezard Timber Co. one had to be very careful where we drove as shown in these 2 pictures taken in 1963 when I was a Forest Foreman at Omeo

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