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Picture relating to Sellheim - titled 'Fanning's Day Dawn Hotel, Sellheim Queensland'
Picture relating to Charters Towers - titled 'Panoramic view of Charters Towers, ca. 1906'

Fanning's Day Dawn Hotel, Sellheim Queensland

contributed by AnthonyFanning, taken in February 1906
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Joe Fanning was a Publican and owned Hotels in Sellheim outside Charters Towers and the White Horse Hotel in Charters Towers. Joe purchased the Daydawn Hotel in Dawn Street, Sellheim near Chr Trs. from Mary Byrne [Byrnes] on 15th Feb 1906. He renamed it Fanning’s Day Dawn Hotel. On 2nd August 1915 the licence of the Fanning’s Day Dawn Hotel was transfered from Joe Fanning to his son, James Eugene Fanning. The Fanning’s sold the hotel and moved to Townsville in 1918. The hotel closed in 1929 at the same time the Sellheim meatworks also closed. (Burdekin Meat Export Co.)

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