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Bonzle users have contributed 200 pictures of Blackall covering the years from 1015 to 2015:

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Picture of / about 'Blackall' Queensland - Schoolchildren on parade in Blackall, ca. 19281 - Schoolchildren on parade in Blackall, ca. 1928 (Contributed by: QldPics)

The children are lined up in rows to enter the school. They are all wearing hats and are shown against the backdrop of a large bamboo tree.

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Picture of / about 'Blackall' Queensland - Francis Birtles in Blackall2 - Francis Birtles in Blackall (Contributed by: alpage  1 picture  )
Australian explorer Francis Birtles in front of Smith's Garage, Blackall. Birtles stopped in Blackall on July 2, 1928 on the final leg of his London to Melbourne car journey. His Sundowner Bean car (in the photo) is owned by the National Museum of Australia in Canberra and has been fully restored.

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Not the 'Blackall' you were after? Try the other Blackall (the regional area) in Queensland.

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Map of Blackall in Queensland
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