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Lawrence Hargrave Drive is a sealed road in New South Wales. It goes from Thirroul to near Helensburgh West.

Lawrence Hargrave Drive's highest elevation along its length is 282m (highlight point | zoom to point) and the lowest point is at 0.917m (highlight point | zoom to point).

For cyclists and those towing caravans, boats or heavy loads Lawrence Hargrave Drive is mountainous along its 18.7 km length, with about 2.6 km that is steeper in incline/grade than 5% (880 m is steeper in incline/grade than 10% and 1.7 km of that has an incline/grade more than 15%!). The total ascent / descent along the length of Lawrence Hargrave Drive is 476 m / 494 m.

Bonzle incline/gradient summary

Total length<5% incline/grade5-10% incline/grade10-15% incline/grade>15% incline/grade
18.7 km13.5 km0.59 m1.7 km

Lawrence Hargrave Drive connects with Lady Wakehurst Drive and the Princes Highway.

Towns, villages and localities on the Lawrence Hargrave Drive include Thirroul (highlight), Austinmer (highlight), Wombarra (highlight), Scarborough (highlight), Coalcliff (highlight) and Stanwell Park (highlight).

Lawrence Hargrave Drive is highlighted in yellow on the map below.

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Map of Lawrence Hargrave Drive in New South Wales
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