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Bonzle users have contributed 2 pictures of Werribee Racecourse covering the years from 2008 to 2010:

Picture of / about 'Werribee Racecourse' Victoria - Werribee Racecourse1 - Werribee Racecourse (Contributed by: BillStrong  990 pictures  )
The Werribee Racecourse, from Bulban Road.

This site has been in continuous use as a race track since 1861. W.C.C. 1997.
The site was used for military training during WWll (Heritage Victoria).

<u> Heritage History</u>
1874 Pastoralists Andrew and Thomas Chirnside donated the land for the racetrack, and the first race was held in Oct 1874 (Heritage Victoria).
1916 The first Werribee Cup was run. (Heritage Victoria).
1997 - Council Wyndham's Heritage Study adopted : INCLUDED p.206-207
02 Jul 2001 - Council Heritage Overlay : ?
(approved by Planning Minister in Jul 2003)
2004 - Council did further research into sites of local
significance and interest. Review produced 90 sites : ?
2006 - Planning Scheme amendment to include 95 sites : INCLUDED p.31

Proposed Wyndham Planning Scheme (2008) : HO12

W.C.C. Significance Rating (1997) : Local significance,

&quot;The heritage place is the whole racecourse.&quot; W.C.C. 2008.

&quot;Wyndham Council is looking at buying land from Werribee Racing Club to expand the nearby indoor recreation centre.
Racing Victoria said that it would reconstruct the track, but they were dependant on the sale of some of the Club's land.&quot; Leader newspaper 19 May 2009 p3

&quot;A bid to have Werribee Racecourse recognised as a heritage site is not expected to affect proposed works there. An appeal against Heritage Victoria's recommendation that the site not be put on the Victorian Heritage Register will be held next month.&quot; Leader newspaper 19 May 2009, p3

&quot;A Heritage Victoria recommendation not to include the race-course on the State's Heritage Register has been upheld after an appeal to the Heritage Council.
The Heritage Council said there were already sites on the register recognising the Chirnside's involvement in racing. It found that the racecourse had been used continuously for race meetings since 1874 but there were earlier races held elsewhere.
The council said the racecourse had local significance and was covered by the Wyndham Council's Heritage Overlay. Sites and buildings on the heritage overlay cannot be changed without a permit. - Wyndham Leader 25 Aug 2009. p.7

The State Government, Racing Victoria Ltd and Country Racing Victoria on friday announced $1.4M for the new International Horse Centre at the racecourse, including 3 stabling compounds for up to 28 horses. It will be ready by next year's Spring Racing Carnival. - Wyndham Leader 25 Aug 2009. p.7

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Picture of / about 'Werribee Racecourse' Victoria - Werribee Racecourse2 - Werribee Racecourse (Contributed by: BillStrong  990 pictures  )
Reconstruction works on the track of the Werribee Racecourse.
Werribee. Victoria.

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